I believe text can be beautiful. I love words and the printed (or pixelated) page, and I love the way text and space interact.

I'm not just an editor, I'm an editor with a designer's eye. In other words, I know my em dashes from my ens, my Helvetica from my Arial, and the difference between kerning and tracking. I can spot a bad break from a mile away.

In my years of freelancing, I've worked with web start-ups; consumer magazines; major nonprofit organizations; scrappy indie magazines; all manner of book publishers; communication, design, and investment firms; ad agencies; and many more.

Whether you need an autonomous editor who can swoop in and take the burden off your shoulders or an easy-going collaborator who can fit in seamlessly with your team, I can make your life easier. And I can do it on time, on budget, and with a sense of humor.


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