Experienced, versatile, reliable

Iā€™m a professional editor with more than 20 years of experience working with publishers, authors, nonprofits, and media organizations to produce readable, engaging, and accurate texts. 

I enjoy the challenges of working at the micro level, copyediting and proofreading to eliminate typos, fix grammar, and ensure consistency. I also relish working at the macro level, managing editorial workflow, creating editorial style guides, and devising messaging strategies.

Whether you need an autonomous editor who can swoop in and take the burden off your shoulders or an easygoing collaborator who can fit in seamlessly with your team, I can make your life easier. And I can do it on time, on budget, and with a sense of humor.

Specialties: While I consider myself a generalist, I have extensive experience copyediting scholarly nonfiction (including complex multiauthor/edited volumes), anthropology and archaeology, public policy, architecture and urbanism, feminism and gender studies, and Alaska studies.

Ready to get started? Drop me a line to discuss your project.