I offer a range of editorial and formatting services, which I define as:


A careful review of grammar, style, and consistency of usage. Often involves ensuring that writing adheres to a specific style such as Chicago, AP, MLA, SAA, or a house style. Done in Word using Track Changes.

Line editing

A deeper dive into your manuscript at the sentence and paragraph level to hone your voice and stylistic tone, condensing and clarifying text as needed, smoothing transitions, and reworking awkward phrasing. Can also be combined with a copyedit. Done in Word using Track Changes.


The final prepublication check for typos, misplaced punctuation, and formatting issues that inevitably escape detection in earlier editing rounds. Typically involves marking up PDFs or old-school paper page proofs.

Editorial project management

When you need a hand shepherding a book or manuscript through the publication process, from copyedit to layout to proofreading to submitting files to the printer. Involves corresponding with authors, editors, and designers as needed; tracking figures and tables; keeping the project on schedule and on budget; and generally ensuring a smooth process.


Laying out text in Indesign, either to your template or in a custom design; providing PDFs for proofreading; preparing files for the printer.

Content editing/writing

Crafting concise, jargon-free copy that clearly communicates your mission, whether it’s for a website, an app, or informational/marketing/fundraising materials.